Why (de)Centered

Why (de)Centered?

The vision for this blog is a source for reflection on what it means to be both centered and decentered in our lives as a activists, ministers, healers, agents of change or engaged beings. The tension is important– as we work we are called to engage both ways of being as we bring more wholeness to the word. I see this space as a place to gather the fragments and threads that point to how we do this and say something about what it means to live with a wholeness that honors your personal place and honors the many-sided wisdom of the world around us.

Centered activists:

Discover/know their wounds, who they are and what their gifts are;  are aware of their needs and know what they keeps them alive; challenge self-sacrificial ideas that call upon people to see their self-care or wellness as a opposite to the work of social and ecological justice; strive for spaces where their colleagues and comrades can be their whole selves (not just their “professional” selves); know what they need to be fed– emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically, psychically– without asking for the work, the cause or the organization to be the source of all belonging. Capable of naming and loving theirs (and other’s) shadow side.

Decentered activists:

Discover/know that their way is not the only way; can experience and revere the life, interests, fears and concerns of the “Other;” value multiplicity, diversity, difference and dialogue; know their experience is not the “center” or “natural” experience; challenge ideologies and ways of work that normalize a domination of perspective by any one group or one identity; are strengthened by their interactions with others, not threatened.

(de)Centered activists:

Hold the tension, delight in the overlap.

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