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Growing up (and old) with Chinese philosopher Li Zehou

By Kwok Kian Chow: Think of how the switching between languages, cultures and epistemologies can itself be an integral part of reading and writing, and […]

Moving Biography: International summer school June 1–8, 2022 | Beirut, Lebanon

Moving Biography is a one-week interdisciplinary summer school bringing together different perspectives, to question disciplinary assumptions and decenter life writing. Convening an interdisciplinary group of […]

Suspension: Mobilities, Aspirations, and Socio-Political Stagnation in China

17-18 September 2018 St Hugh’s College, Oxford, UK Convened by: Biao Xiang, Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Oxford, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology […]

GDC Summer School in Budapest, Hungary

The double movement of nationalism and globalization demands that we look closely at how nations and migration are purposely produced by state policies, institutions, and categories aimed at creating “stable” units and unstable flows. This requires a new transnational perspective on global processes.