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For the In-Between Time

This poem was shared with the people of Mountain Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation at the time of their vote to purchase a new building. It was written one year prior as a reflection on those “in-between” moments that require our waiting, our faith, and then our vulnerability to risk imagining a different future.

The Place Between Shells

There are times when
you find yourself in the
house of a crumbling promise:
broken tiles, ruined doorways,
busted windows.

It may be hard to dream
a different future
from such a place.

It may feel foolish to proclaim
architectural imaginings
when you still sleep
where the rain seeps in,
a bedroom with no ceiling.

Prophecies proclaimed
may feel like lies
said through teeth filled
with longings for
some bones to believe in.

What can broken houses
teach us about broken hearts?
What does the snail say
about the moment between shells?

There are many ways
to leave what
no longer shelters you.

Sometimes you wait,
sometimes you must stay still,
captivated by water
that drips through
cracks in old ways of being,
captivated by the light of
distant stars.

Sometimes you are compelled
by a knowing that
you can be grown again:
you can almost picture it,
your spiral doorway,
your blueprint flows out of you.

And sometimes you must go exposed,
you must be the soft body,
pressed to the earth,
unsure yet unwilling
to carry the heavy pieces
of your last year’s
best intentions.

Mountain Vista UU – “Let Us Be Moved” Sermon – November 17, 2019