Healing and Wounding: Personal is Political

During my Master of Divinity program at Claremont, we budding ministers are often reminded that ministerial misconduct will most often occur when a minister is not getting their needs for freedom, fun and belonging met. When one’s needs aren’t met, one get’s resentful. When one get’s resentful, one  make’s bargains with the responsibilities and commitments […]

What actually happened at the McCallum Theatre with Graham Nash

I was actually at the McCallum theatre when “Graham Nash exchanged words with audience members” (quote from My Desert news). My mother had excitedly bought a ticket for herself (in the front row!) and invited my husband and I along—we sat up in the nose bleed seats with the commitment to drag my mom off […]

Story of (de)Centered.

When one initiates a blog, it is important to put some context around where the words are coming from– who is this person, why is this topic important to them and where do they locate themselves in the conversation? While no blog aiming to be less than 1000 words (already too much) could cover a […]

Where are the fathers? (Or, “Two films and a plea for the sacred masculine.”)

Before getting married in May 2013, I was seeing a therapist. My husband and I were struggling with the abusive behaviors from his family (who certainly disapproved of our relationship and his choices) and knew we both needed more tools to figure out what being a “husband” and “wife” meant. What models had we seen […]

When are we more alive in our work?

My colleague, Daniel and I will be going to India in January 2014 to present at a Jain Concerence in Rajasthan. The conference is the 8th International Conference on Peace and Nonviolent Action (ICPNA). This year’s theme is “Towards a Nonviolent Future: Seeking Realistic Models of Peaceful Co-existence and Sustainability.” It is hosted by the […]

A Love Letter to My Husband (and a Lineage of Women)

I am hungry for stories of activist folks who fall in love deeply, who grapple with what it means to commit in their own lives. In honor of Durga Puja, my husband (V) and I committed to exploring local mandirs (Hindu temples) in search of spiritual home(s). As we were driving, V pulled out his […]

A Manifesto (For the Manifesting)

A Manifesto (To Manifest, Change, Adapt, Challenge, Question and Engage) For those who do not believe volunteers and staff should (always) sacrifice their lives for “the cause.” For those who want to upset the belief that activism is external. For those who want to upset the belief that “Gandhi” and “MLK” and “Dorothy Day” should […]